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… One or more of three things could happen:

  1. It could focus so much on the bone that you pass just by without a single bark.
  2. It could lick the bone dry till it shines like a polished surface.
  3. It could inflict serious damage on whoever tries to pry the bone from its grasp.

In essence, a dog puts its all into the task of tackling a bone. The key qualities it displays/portrays while the bone is under scrutiny are:

FOCUS (Drowning out of external ‘noise’ and unwanted distractions. It indeed refuses to acknowledge the presence of anything that could possibly delay the completion of the task at hand).

THOROUGHNESS (The proper expression that relates to this is ‘leaving no stone unturned.’ Just like a chicken scratching the dirt for food embedded in the soil, it ensures every aspect of the task is covered. It doesn’t subscribe to the idea of a shabbily licked bone).

CLARITY OF PURPOSE (An understanding of the importance of the task at hand – getting the bone ‘tidied up’ – ensures that it meets with stiff opposition, any attempt to retard or deter the completion of its obligation.

Consider the word ‘doggedness.’ It isn’t surprising it is coined from the character of a dog. Closely related words are: Single-mindedness, determination, tenacity, persistence. Perhaps, to recognize progress from that point you’ve been stuck on, this little quality of the dog is all you need. Well, while you develop that quality, remember to apply it. For as they say: “Knowledge is not power, Application is power.”

Have a dogged week!

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