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A professional scrabble player will be able to tell you that the knowledge of the seemingly trivial 2, 3 and 4 letter words are vital to apotheosis in the esteemed game. For example, to play RONZERS when one hadn’t seen the word ever before will require that one would have to know the word RONZ and with the experience of constant playing be able to deduce that RONZERS could find it’s root in RONZ. The playing of RONZERS by the way ensures with your score, you get an extra 50 points bonus. My coach (A master category player) once missed the word JUCO in a game and so lost. He would have won had he known of the existence and validity of the word. These are the stuff that separate winners from losers.


Ask a programmer, he’d likely tell you that an ignorance of strings, functions, debugging and the likes will ensure you’re stuck in the quagmire of witlessness as far as programming is concerned. Ask an electrical engineer, He’d tell you that without being well grounded in Voltage, current and resistance relationships, you cannot make a headway in his field. Ask a lawyer, a doctor, a philosopher… I dare you to ask anyone. There are building blocks in every profession or endeavour, and unfamiliarity with these blocks will ensure that no matter how high you climb, you will fall beyond the level from which you started.


In the case that you find yourself needing acquaintance or re-acquaintance with your foundations, don’t be hesitant about taking steps to make yourself whole. A house that has no solid substance will crumble with the slightest ill wind. Sometimes, the underpinning is bound to change as change is the inevitable inspector/inspection (whichever suits you) that sweeps across all fields. This is where the processes of unlearning and re-learning are vital; the core of your field will probably undergo revision every now and then, so it’s necessary to embrace these alterations thereby always having a solid base to stand on. Well, the easiest recommendation I have for you is the internet – this cannot be stressed enough. Leveraging on its versatility and reach will always keep you abreast of all that’s constantly changing around you. If you know of any other strategy to keep up, just do it! At the end, the important thing is to by yourself patch you up!


P.S. – When the said coach became a national champion in 1989, the word JUCO didn’t exist and so perhaps his failure to keep with the insertion and removal of words from the global database lost him the game I said he lost.


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