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How Was I Supposed To Imagine Otherwise?

I’ve seen “The Book Of Eli” as well as “A Beautiful Mind” more than a couple of times. They’re just two out of my very long list of most watched movies. There’s something about ’em both however, and it’s the fact that the first time I saw each of them, I didn’t know anything was wrong with the lead actors until something was actually was wrong with them. They seemed like perfectly normal people doing great things until events unfolded.

How was I supposed to imagine (on my own) that someone so good with the sword and so accurate with the gun was very blind? (Denzel in ‘The Book Of Eli.’)

How was I supposed to doubt the sanity and lucidity of a true mathematical master whose ability could unquestionably make him an easy recruit as a spy? (Nash in ‘A Beautiful Mind’)

And this ‘how was I supposed to imagine…‘ Is the real challenge we face. Undiluted imagination is lost when all we see is what is obvious, when all we choose to see and believe is what is ideally stereotypical. We have mastered the environment and the working of stuff such that our minds hardly process aberrations as opportunities to create.

Innovation and true thoughtfulness cannot grow when the surface implication is all there is that exists to us.

One needs be deliberate in honing one’s observational sense. One needs to start seeing and thinking beyond the mundane, only then can one begin to punch above one’s weight and get rid of the bore of quotidian routine.

Be more alert, be more observant, be more conscious of people and things; their more extraordinary implications.

Have a fabulous weekend ahead.

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