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Every crucial experience can be regarded either as a setback, or the start of a wonderful new adventure, it depends on your perspective.”Mary Roberts Rinehart


As we go through life, many of us discover strategies and action points we have to take to achieve the kind of lifestyle that we desire. Truth be told, some of us work diligently at it and see progress by the day. For some people, times of disappointments never come; times when you look back and wonder what the point of your striving to make yourself worth something is. For some others however, there is bound to be one setback or the other – setbacks that threaten to relieve us of any idea of ideality or correctness about any step/path we take.


Gone before us however are those that have suffered the loss of benefactors and mentors, those that have suffered rejection as well as scholastic and academic failure, those that have persisted with certain skill sets and failed to prevail, those that have tried all they could to acquire some position or quality and have failed. Some of these people have allowed themselves be beaten, some have resorted to a life lived through the motions, others have found a resilient spirit within them to prevail over all sort of obstacles placed in their parts.


This week, I encourage you to find that strength within you, be more positive at failure. As they say, when you fail at something, at least you figure out “what not to do.” The path to success and achievement can sometimes be mazy and requires those that probably have failed at one thing or the other to know the answers to any challenge life has to throw their way. Thomas Edison and Abraham Lincoln have long been sure benchmarks for overcoming failures and inhibitions. Look inward today. There’s probably something you’ve been failing a lot at, instead of giving up completely, look on the bright side, that thing/condition might be preparing you for “masterhood” – to know all there is to know on that subject. Like a phoenix, rise from the ashes of your failures and fly beyond your limitations.


Have a fulfilling week.

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