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Where Were You When Others Were Doing Useful Things.

A father attended his son’s convocation ceremony, and on he watched as a particular student cleared virtually all the prizes rewarded for excellence. Animatedly, son turned to father and tells him how he and the girl used to be reading partners in their early days in school. Fathe turned to his son and said: “Where were you when that girl was being serious with her work and getting all the best results?” His son had nothing to say except to wear a forlon look, visibly despondent.

The ceremony soon ended and Father and son stood by the side of the road, the father repeatedly attempting to flag down people he referred to as ‘long term friends’ in their exotic cars, arms flailing time and again as one ‘friendly’ car after the other disappeared from view, their drivers signalling “we’re on full capacity” everytime. After a while of fruitless endeavor, the boy turned to his dad and with a face devoid of emotions said: “Dad, where were you when your friends were making a respectable living and buying cars for themselves?” Needless to say, the father had no justifiable words to say.

You see, I very well appreciate that calculated hard work and innate intelligence might sometimes not be enough to set you on track for a satisfactory life, yet, possessing these two qualities well boosts the chances you have of being among the best (if not the best). No one likes to be among those that only make up the numbers and have tales to tell of how people that excel were part of their contemporaries while growing up.

Perhaps today, you’re complaining about the low estate you find yourself in, or the less than satisfactory work you’ve done with your life. Where were you when others were doing useful things?

It’s not enough to have epiphanies without doing anything to stem the tide of unfulfillment that plagues you. You know what you do well. Put in the effort and time needed to ‘explode’ to the scene. Life without a feeling of daily progress cannot be a meaningful life. Or can it?

Carpe Diem.


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