Whatever you have to say makes no sense.


See this one

Two friends of mine secretly wish/pray for me that I come to see the light as far as paying of tithes is concerned. Their unspoken words, their ‘hmmms’ and their ‘it is well’ whenever the topic comes up tells me all I need to know. 

I imagine a thought such as “All other things about God he believes in might just be for nothing with this ridiculous idea of his” might cross their minds every now and then .

There’s a fellow I know who told me I can’t know more than the “men of God” who strongly emphasize the importance of paying of tithes. She was obviously disgusted I had such an idea from the pit of hell to say I believe in God but I don’t believe in paying of tithes. She prayed that I come to see the light someday.

That was the point I was supposed to be sober. To shed tears and ask for forgiveness for the error of my ways. But sadly, I seemed a hardened fellow, unwilling to bulge even in the face of “superior spiritual evidence” (Only that no evidence was provided except the threat of having to live with a curse. Malachi 3 being the go-to “see-for-yourself” scripture). There are 18 places in the whole Bible tithes were mentioned by the way, and…

At this point, I have to let you know that I have no problem with giving 10% of your income to God. I personally advocate for more. GIVING (not paying) more. And I tell people that care to know that I almost always strive to give more (I am not always successful at this). I mean, I would be doing myself a disservice by totally locking my hands and heart to the idea of giving and by so doing not partaking of the benefits of the universal (not even religious) law of sowing and reaping.

Wait, wait… There’s not a chance that I’m here to dish out some philosophical or exhortational stuff about tithing and whatnot, so let me get to the point.

I have faced situations in which I have supplied people with reasons/documentation as to why I believe in this or I don’t believe in that, and I have found that on several occasions, people have been totally unwilling to even examine the facts/ideas presented to them for two major reasons:

  1. People like to be ‘visibly’ right (even if they don’t believe in their hearts) many times.
  2. Preconceived notions/mindsets are very difficult to work around.
  3. People are mostly illogical when it comes to their role models/mentors. Those ones can hardly be wrong.

Damn! It’s so hard to convince a self-declared reasoning fellow of new ideas especially If he doesn’t think you could know better than he does.

I think you should be the kind of person that has a mind that is not swayed by just anything though. At the same time however, I think it is important to have a teachable spirit, and a mind that questions.

Shall we try not to always believe our ideas are superior to that of others for absolutely no reason? Shall we not call them foolish/ignorant while trying to make them see things our way? Shall we try to imagine a walk in their shoes before having definitive ideas of what/who they are? Shall we?

I hope we shall. And on that note, I wish you a productive week ahead. 🙂

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