Monthly Archives: March 2016

Maybe. Just maybe.

There’s the idea that huge chunks of time need be dedicated before anything worthy of note is accomplished.

For this cause, our reading habits somewhat diminish because we feel leafing or swiping through pages for just 15 or 30 minutes is nothing.

And fun takes the front seat because for instance, we believe seeing just an episode of our favorite show(s) is not enough for relaxation.

Maybe we need to reconsider that no matter how much we do at once, there’ll always be more.

Maybe then, we won’t beat ourselves up too much about how there’s not enough time to read or create art or do something regarded as work.

Maybe we’d also tone down our consumption of endless shows, TV and social media distractions. Afterall, no matter the volume you consume today, new and perhaps more interesting ones will spring up tomorrow.

Maybe. Just maybe.


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