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Before You Ask For Assistance…

In the early days of my research work at postgraduate level, it seemed to me that my supervisor was too unwilling to help my progress especially since he always referred me to the internet. He insisted I figure out useful search parameters on my own rather than he providing me with a condensed spectrum of the whole area of coverage.

You see, my supervisor didn’t believe you should desire and actively seek for assistance when you’ve made no attempt, nor put in any effort. He was right.

Subsequently, I started doing better; creating helpful PowerPoint esentation slides for me alone that made my work easier and made my little efforts amount to something. It also made him more inclined to readily be of assistance whenever I showed him what I’d been able to do so far.

I cringe when people ask me to do stuff for them without first coming up with an output I can work with, especially stuff they’d understand how to go about way better than I can dream of. I think it’s a monumentally bad habit.

It is the lazy path to follow. It is a path trod by many; laying all your own duties at the feet of others.

While sometimes they might offer the help you require, gradually, they label you as unserious and subsequent assistance you might get from them might not be quality. Heck, they’d start coming up with perfect excuses as to why they can’t help you. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Here’s the crux of the matter; you understand best what you want to achieve in any area. Do the groundwork and then ask for assistance. Stop leveraging on people’s sympathies and become lazy in the process. Really, nobody likes a pest.

But this is only my opinion.

Have a sound week ahead. 🙂

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