Bàtá Drumbeats…

At the turn of the year, a friend of mine suggested that I do a chapbook. At the time, I had no idea what a chapbook was, and even when I found out, I wondered if I really was qualified enough to do anything that daring.

Read the work of quite a number of poets, and immediately, my major challenge was that I felt my work wasn’t quite there yet as far as ‘standard‘ poetry is concerned, but then I made a commitment to go for it and “announce a release” on the 27th day of this month. I regretted that decision almost immediately because I thought of all the things producing a book however small entails.

But you see… At some point, I had to tell myself to just go with it, and do what I could, and so I decided I’d self publish and then make it available discreetly to only my closest friends.

I wished I could tell the few people excited for me that it wasn’t isn’t much of a big deal and it’s not like I’m signing a book deal with some fancy publishing outfit, but they’d have none of it, and I just had to man up and do what I had to do.

I crafted a mini advert, put it up as a display picture, there and then, I knew I couldn’t go back anymore, and it wasn’t going to be for just my closest friends alone anymore.

Thought about calling off the plan severally, but the people I had told and would let down, as well as the fact that my first major milestone for the year would have lay in shreds was enough to help me make a decision.

So… Here we are today, here’s my first publication.

Someday soon, there’ll be much better showings, brand new publications, proper book readings to go with launching perhaps, and much more. But this is today, and this is BÀTÁ DRUMBEATS AND OTHER POEMS and I’m chuffed I made good on my promise to self.


I do hope you find my compilation any useful.

Cheers to beginnings.
Cheers to the journey every one of us embarks on; ALWAYS BECOMING, CONSTANTLY EVOLVING.

Please use any of the links below for download. 🙂


Bàtá Drumbeats and other poems Link 2

Your honest feedback would mean the world.


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16 responses to “Bàtá Drumbeats…

  1. Reblogged this on Amity and commented:
    …So he did it 👌. Do check it out😉


  2. Congratulations to you for taking the steps and not quitting .
    I believe that this is the beginning of the best of your writing years.
    Keep on keeping on.
    We learn, we grow as we press forward.
    Blessed be your hand work.
    Cheers to ‘Bata drumbeats and other poems”.

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  3. Oludamilare

    Congratulations Bro!
    Cheers to beginnings.
    Cheers to the journey every one of us embarks on; ALWAYS BECOMING, CONSTANTLY EVOLVING.


  4. me

    Congratulations! I do know that feeling of being told “oh, you should start a book already” and you thinking “what? a book? oh no, i won’t even cut it!”. I am so glad you took the long leap still! Here’s cheers to greater and better becoming-s!

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  5. I’m yet to finish reading it but I applaud your creativity both in the cover design and choosing to make it handwritten :).
    Kudos *claps*

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  6. I’ve read thru all of your poems. Not one of them is mediocre. They are all top notch. I’m full of only admiration for you. You realised a dream and in doing so have taught me that it is not too late to make mine. Thank you Oreoluwa. You just won yourself a new disciple.

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  7. Congratulations.
    The first step is always the hardest. It can only get better from here on


  8. Outstanding! Congrats, and thank you as well.

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  9. scribblers

    Congratulations! Now… what exactly is a chapbook?


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