Sentimental musings to cap a glorious year.

Today, the year takes its final breath.
We say this about every year,
But I’d flog this horse once more.
This year certainly flew by fast.

Words aren’t enough for me
To express gratitude, first to God
For unmerited grace
Then to all my friends,
The ones who contributed to my growth
And the ones who urged me
To keep pushing the things I love.
And then to everybody,
Those that only know of me and I of them,
Fellow wayfarers.

Lessons, on all fronts,
This year they did abound.
Blessings, beyond measure,
Likewise did pile up.

You see,
There’s something about growth
That excites the one
that’s going undergoing it.
You need to see how giddy I get,
How exultant I feel,
In the moments I realize for sure
that strides have been covered.

Next year is going to be a big year
I feel it so strong in my bones
And one major reason is
I didn’t wait till the first day (tomorrow)
before setting in motion
Some of the things I’d like to achieve.
Death to empty resolutions
That take effect only on ‘special days’.

You’ll see more of me
God willing
As the months progress
And I look forward to seeing more of you;
Your conquests, inevitable challenges,
Breakthroughs, and what have you.

I’m indeed grateful for all
Who improved my writing
In some way or the other
In sharing my work, constructively critiquing,
Recommending me to others and providing solid tips for improvement.

Really, I appreciate people who go out of their way to project others when they have nothing to gain for their efforts.
Y’all rock!

I’ve read awesome books this year,
And I’m grateful for the ones who were relentless in getting the lists, and sending the books that made me tick.

I’d go on but I’m sure there’d be a number of stops you’d make in terms of things to read, write, plan, and do as the seconds trickle away, and I’d not want to keep you too long with my sentimental musings.

Some plans didn’t work out,
Some alliances faded away,
Bile somehow found its way down our guts
That’s all done guys.
Let’s do more next year,
And the year after.
Always getting better,
Should be our utmost desire.

Cheers to the impending year
Cheers to conquests in waiting
Cheers to travels and struggles
Cheers to our making; all of us.
I love you all. I sincerely do.

P.S. – Here are some of the better handwritten scribblings I wrote through the course of the year, well, in the last month to be precise. Your acceptance of my musings, as well as the feedback I get from y’all pushes me to always do more. I know you’ve perhaps seen the lot of them, but I thought to put them together anyway.













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4 responses to “Sentimental musings to cap a glorious year.

  1. Cheers to reading more from you.
    Thank you For sharing your thoughts and inspiring one with your well woven words.
    Happy new year.

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  2. Oluchee


    Happy new year. This year will be better that all the previous ones. I can also feel it


  3. scribblers

    Is the image hand written?

    Liked by 1 person

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