While you’re out there.

When you share your thoughts,
Or you ship your art,
Not once, not twice,
But consistently,
There’s every chance
A shaming party will be set up.
One that propagates an idea
That all you do
Is to be seen, again and again.


Here’s the fact:
Putting yourself out there,
Of course is for recognition.
You alone can tell however,
If the recognition you seek
Is genuine relevance and meaning
Or the malaise of approval addiction.

Being accepted, and appreciated, and acclaimed is a kind of oil that drives the wheel of normal human functioning. That’s what I think.

While you’re out there, it’s left to you to tone down superfluous misguided intentions you might have for sharing or shipping.

Maybe then you can sleep better, blocking out voices that daily threaten to silence your shine.


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4 responses to “While you’re out there.

  1. Reblogged this on Amity and commented:
    Friday thought from oreoluwade. Enjoy…


  2. Every line, every word, rings true.
    All of us wants to be recognized, to be valued, to be accepted, and be acclaimed.
    It’s what drives us, how we define ourselves.
    But the best acclaim is knowing that there is a meaning and relevance to all that we do; that someone somewhere benefits, is edified, is inspired, and motivated – to hold on, to keep fighting, to not give up on their dreams and to find meaning to their existence.

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