I’m a servant


Servants live for an audience of one

Not to be seen by everyone

But in quietness to work,

Break grounds, one step at time.

But the world places a premium on leadership.

So we drift along,

A horde directed by popular opinion,

That domination is relevance,

Moreso that leadership is domination.

This is the point where we miss it,

When we forget the essence of power;

To influence and serve.

You see, the power we lust for

Lies even in the hands of the basest of servants

For in the end whether you be a cleaner or a god,

Your power is meaningless unless you’ve provided some service.

In respect to an audience of one

Maybe you need to ship out your art or idea(s) today.

You need not wait to be king before adding value of any worth.

And let’s face it, some of us will never end up being overly influential.

The world places a premium on leadership

But servants live for an audience of one at a time

I am a servant

And I’m not ashamed to be of service

In whatever way/place I can matter.


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6 responses to “I’m a servant

  1. This is an interesting read. Really on point, especially today when it seems like the world is tilting towards being “position-driven”. Weldone.

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  2. These words are true. Deep and true.
    We can make a difference no matter where we are or what position we hold.

    Great leaders serve.


  3. Reblogged this on Amity and commented:
    True words…


  4. True leadership is service and service is true leadership. We lead when we serve. ‘The audience of One’ mentality helps keep things in perspective. Serving, first The One, then all of humanity (made up of audiences of one).
    Thanks for sharing.

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  5. This!
    Absolute truth!
    Still, the undiluted
    And it sets free..
    Free, from fretting
    From fussing
    Focusing instead on
    What truly matters.

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