Not so sure about hook-ups

You know the guy that has a fair number of friends interested in hooking him up because they feel he’s a good guy?

I have a friend that is that guy.

I think meeting people by virtue of mutual associates isn’t capable of establishing a bond as strong as one that would have been established had the meeting been purely circumstantial or intentional. This is because I think once at least one of the two persons being hooked up has a notion that their relationship is specifically destined for a romantic domicile, it becomes mighty difficult to establish some sort of balanced friendship (initially) which is very important for any relationship to thrive.

For a minute, let’s forget the wordiness of the last paragraph, what do you think of hook-ups, something some of my friends from school often refer to as  through passes?


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9 responses to “Not so sure about hook-ups

  1. Lmao. Come give me thru pass na

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  2. Satope Paul Oladeji

    Sometimes, it’s not because you are perceived to be a good guy. Oftentimes, it’s because they think they found something you’ve been looking for or something she’s been looking for. So, I don’t think “through pass” is such a bad idea

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  3. Olu

    For me, i don’t think its a good idea. I completely agree with your write up. I know i can’t prove this but i believe the percentage of success in through passes is less than 30%. And what is a “Good guy” self? sigh…………..

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  4. itsrukia

    I am not so sure about hook ups too. It’s usually someone else picking for you.
    Let the chemistry or whatever come by itself biko!


  5. Personally, I’d like to be shot by cupid when I’m not looking. But hey, u never know…. It might all be yet another miserably failed attempt at love or all that awkwardness could be the start of something beautiful. You just never know….

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    • Oreoluwa Aboluwarin

      Cupid’s arrow. 😀

      I quite agree with you. There’s no perfect formula to these things.

      One finds that love could come in ways one never expects. Sometimes.

      Thanks for your comment. 😊


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