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I’m a servant


Servants live for an audience of one

Not to be seen by everyone

But in quietness to work,

Break grounds, one step at time.

But the world places a premium on leadership.

So we drift along,

A horde directed by popular opinion,

That domination is relevance,

Moreso that leadership is domination.

This is the point where we miss it,

When we forget the essence of power;

To influence and serve.

You see, the power we lust for

Lies even in the hands of the basest of servants

For in the end whether you be a cleaner or a god,

Your power is meaningless unless you’ve provided some service.

In respect to an audience of one

Maybe you need to ship out your art or idea(s) today.

You need not wait to be king before adding value of any worth.

And let’s face it, some of us will never end up being overly influential.

The world places a premium on leadership

But servants live for an audience of one at a time

I am a servant

And I’m not ashamed to be of service

In whatever way/place I can matter.


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Not so sure about hook-ups

You know the guy that has a fair number of friends interested in hooking him up because they feel he’s a good guy?

I have a friend that is that guy.

I think meeting people by virtue of mutual associates isn’t capable of establishing a bond as strong as one that would have been established had the meeting been purely circumstantial or intentional. This is because I think once at least one of the two persons being hooked up has a notion that their relationship is specifically destined for a romantic domicile, it becomes mighty difficult to establish some sort of balanced friendship (initially) which is very important for any relationship to thrive.

For a minute, let’s forget the wordiness of the last paragraph, what do you think of hook-ups, something some of my friends from school often refer to asĀ  through passes?


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