Everyone Should Be A Writer


It’s a beautiful Monday. I can feel it in my bones this will be an awesome week. I usually feel this way when my darling Manchester United kick off the week for me in style by winning. We didn’t win this time, but I’d take a draw nonetheless.

The past few days have been very barren as far as this blog is concerned. I take all the blame for this. Afterall, if not me, who?

A lot has happened in the time I’ve be conspicuously absent, one major thing being that I finally finished the coursework for my postgraduate studies and I’m left with some fancy research work alone. This might not sound necessarily exciting to you, but it is to me, chiefly because I had been groaning under the obligation of having to read academic work with the purpose of preparing for an examination. That is done now.

One thing that has dawned afresh on me though is that most times, when what is directly in front of you leaves the scene, you find that your complaints about it being the reason you aren’t doing something you should be doing are at best excuses. This is what I mean, I blamed the lack of progress on my research work on the ever-prolonging coursework, and now that it’s done, I feel like what I’ve done so far isn’t much more than what I was able to do even when I still had courses to do.

In short, if we look deep down, excuses are just what they are, excuses!

I’m not going to patronize you with 7 things you should do to be fully effective in your daily life, or 14 things that stand you out in the crowd or anything of that ilk. Those are titles for life coaches, and I’m not one.

I actually find the idea of professing to being a life coach in your twenties or thirties or middle years pretty comical, unless of course you’ve achieved some grand landmark early in life. Even then, you should only offer suggestions or tell your single story (as it were) and let us decide to learn from it or not.

Life Coach. Funny stuff!

I think everyone should be a writer. Not necessarily one that rolls out articles or stories every other day, but one that puts down their thoughts. This I think is helpful because it gives you something to think about and say: “I wrote that and I’d like to make sure I stand/live by it” (not like writing enforces your actions, it only helps, in my experience).

Meanwhile, writing doesn’t have to be by ink solely or by the tapping of a keyboard, writing could be by speaking as well (If the speech is well recorded by manual methods or by someone who holds you to what you have said).

I know rereading my old journals over the years has always stirred something in me to go back to that awesome feeling of doing something right especially in times I’ve derailed so far from where my values as well as the good things I have learnt should have taken me.

In the end, nobody sets out knowing exactly how the end will pan out, we’re all “winging it“. But winging should be done not chaotically but in an orderly fashion. This is what putting down cogent thoughts enables us do at times. It’s not enough to be general about our ideas. Specificity helps us in achieving more in less time.

Well, all these is just my opinion. Sift through and find that which you find true and in tandem with your deepest beliefs will you? Then discard all the extra dross I might have gone on and on about.

Carpe Diem! I’m out!


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2 responses to “Everyone Should Be A Writer

  1. Tosin

    The classic handwriting! I agree with your points. And it’s really nice to stumble over what you’ve written years earlier…it brings smiles to my face sometimes. Great article! I enjoy reading your stuff, as always!

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