Being Illogical isn’t always a bad thing.

All a machine has to do to get by is be logical. Always.

All it needs is to make calculations based on inputted values and give appropriate answers.

A well designed machine is efficient,

At least that’s what you’re led to believe.

It has no time to read emotions, no desire to detect superfluous nuances

All it does is be exact in its responses.

In essence, its transfer function (output/input) under normal working conditions follows stringent rules. Can be predicted.

The human is not built this way.

We respond to jealousy, love, anger, sadness, frustration, happiness and a host of other raging emotions.

In short, It is impractical to expect people to always be scientific in words and action.

You’re only setting yourself up for disappointment when you expect people to always behave as you consider appropriate in your mind.

You’re not walking in the shoes of another, so it will bode well for you to give allowances for constant deviations from sane behavior people around you put forward everyday.

Sometimes, logical isn’t even expedient.

If logic is what we apply in all situations, we’ll probably be left with no friends or loved ones, since we’ll always be in their faces when they err, offer our annoying, unsolicited opinions, refuse to relate with them until and unless we’re in buoyant moods and all that.

Generally, the word LOGICAL is believed to have a positive implication while ILLOGICAL is deemed to be of negative implication.

It is not always so.

The hallmark of a well rounded person is to determine the many times it’s necessary to be illogical as it were.

Hope you find within you the strength to defy logic when necessary.

Have a fruitful week!

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One response to “Being Illogical isn’t always a bad thing.

  1. 1305dammie

    You my friend, are a very wise man. 😊

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