Go ahead, announce yourself.

I used to be a soccer blogger, myself and three others. It pains me to say “I used to be”, but it is what it is. While it lasted, it used to be a fairly successful venture. I enjoyed the challenge of supplying quality articles to our readers. One aspect I didn’t quite enjoy much though was how best to get people to know about us and to get them to come back for more.

I think they call that aspect selling, or maybe advertising. The point being that I wasn’t very good at pitching the ideas of what we were trying to accomplish to others. I was necessarily too concerned about bothering them with ‘our business’ and so you see, one of the major reasons our little group fell apart barely two years after placing third in an organized “best sports blog in Nigeria” thing was our collective reluctance to keep up with finding novel ways to arouse the interest of potential readers into pitching their tents with us.

Here’s the catch; whatever you do, whatever your involvement, you have to find a good and creative way to progressively get people to know about it. People afterall patronize you, stones do not.

Well, either you’re magnificently proficient in the art of selling, or your product or service sells itself. Any one will do.

So, go ahead, announce yourself; not as king of some middle earth kingdom, but as one who has something to offer, and is bold enough to subject himself to the scrutiny of the teeming public.

Never stop starting something.

Hearty cheers to the 30 days ahead.

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