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Everyone Should Be A Writer


It’s a beautiful Monday. I can feel it in my bones this will be an awesome week. I usually feel this way when my darling Manchester United kick off the week for me in style by winning. We didn’t win this time, but I’d take a draw nonetheless.

The past few days have been very barren as far as this blog is concerned. I take all the blame for this. Afterall, if not me, who?

A lot has happened in the time I’ve be conspicuously absent, one major thing being that I finally finished the coursework for my postgraduate studies and I’m left with some fancy research work alone. This might not sound necessarily exciting to you, but it is to me, chiefly because I had been groaning under the obligation of having to read academic work with the purpose of preparing for an examination. That is done now.

One thing that has dawned afresh on me though is that most times, when what is directly in front of you leaves the scene, you find that your complaints about it being the reason you aren’t doing something you should be doing are at best excuses. This is what I mean, I blamed the lack of progress on my research work on the ever-prolonging coursework, and now that it’s done, I feel like what I’ve done so far isn’t much more than what I was able to do even when I still had courses to do.

In short, if we look deep down, excuses are just what they are, excuses!

I’m not going to patronize you with 7 things you should do to be fully effective in your daily life, or 14 things that stand you out in the crowd or anything of that ilk. Those are titles for life coaches, and I’m not one.

I actually find the idea of professing to being a life coach in your twenties or thirties or middle years pretty comical, unless of course you’ve achieved some grand landmark early in life. Even then, you should only offer suggestions or tell your single story (as it were) and let us decide to learn from it or not.

Life Coach. Funny stuff!

I think everyone should be a writer. Not necessarily one that rolls out articles or stories every other day, but one that puts down their thoughts. This I think is helpful because it gives you something to think about and say: “I wrote that and I’d like to make sure I stand/live by it” (not like writing enforces your actions, it only helps, in my experience).

Meanwhile, writing doesn’t have to be by ink solely or by the tapping of a keyboard, writing could be by speaking as well (If the speech is well recorded by manual methods or by someone who holds you to what you have said).

I know rereading my old journals over the years has always stirred something in me to go back to that awesome feeling of doing something right especially in times I’ve derailed so far from where my values as well as the good things I have learnt should have taken me.

In the end, nobody sets out knowing exactly how the end will pan out, we’re all “winging it“. But winging should be done not chaotically but in an orderly fashion. This is what putting down cogent thoughts enables us do at times. It’s not enough to be general about our ideas. Specificity helps us in achieving more in less time.

Well, all these is just my opinion. Sift through and find that which you find true and in tandem with your deepest beliefs will you? Then discard all the extra dross I might have gone on and on about.

Carpe Diem! I’m out!


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Being Illogical isn’t always a bad thing.

All a machine has to do to get by is be logical. Always.

All it needs is to make calculations based on inputted values and give appropriate answers.

A well designed machine is efficient,

At least that’s what you’re led to believe.

It has no time to read emotions, no desire to detect superfluous nuances

All it does is be exact in its responses.

In essence, its transfer function (output/input) under normal working conditions follows stringent rules. Can be predicted.

The human is not built this way.

We respond to jealousy, love, anger, sadness, frustration, happiness and a host of other raging emotions.

In short, It is impractical to expect people to always be scientific in words and action.

You’re only setting yourself up for disappointment when you expect people to always behave as you consider appropriate in your mind.

You’re not walking in the shoes of another, so it will bode well for you to give allowances for constant deviations from sane behavior people around you put forward everyday.

Sometimes, logical isn’t even expedient.

If logic is what we apply in all situations, we’ll probably be left with no friends or loved ones, since we’ll always be in their faces when they err, offer our annoying, unsolicited opinions, refuse to relate with them until and unless we’re in buoyant moods and all that.

Generally, the word LOGICAL is believed to have a positive implication while ILLOGICAL is deemed to be of negative implication.

It is not always so.

The hallmark of a well rounded person is to determine the many times it’s necessary to be illogical as it were.

Hope you find within you the strength to defy logic when necessary.

Have a fruitful week!

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Fickle Friendship Fussing

You have to admit that not everybody can boast of being in a particular circle of friends from the most basic group they first were part of till they became adults.

It’s not exactly practical.

Afterall, as people grow older, some values might change, some tendencies might develop, some habits might rear their heads and so on.

Some other times, locations change, interests and fields change and so closeness might gradually thin out.

You don’t need to break too much of a sweat over people who won’t keep in touch. I think when only one party is striving to keep the cord of friendship taut, it might be time to revisit how much the friendship means and how much of energy should be put in it.

Things change, people change, deal with it!

In my opinion, shared values and then physical proximity should stand above other criteria in deciding who is worth more time than others.

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When it’s obviously time to walk.

In a bid to not be seen as a failure, we often continue toiling through what we’ve set out to do.

Of course the rational explanation we give is that we thought it through before we started and considered that it’ll be tough and rough along the way.

And so we proceed, defiantly, and determined in the eyes of the world.

Many times, our resolve is very necessary. Sometimes though, we should be able to decide along the way that it’s time to quit and move on to other pastures.

Not all endeavors are meant to be seen through no matter the monstrous effort put in.

Trust yourself to walk away from what no longer serves nor grows you.

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Go ahead, announce yourself.

I used to be a soccer blogger, myself and three others. It pains me to say “I used to be”, but it is what it is. While it lasted, it used to be a fairly successful venture. I enjoyed the challenge of supplying quality articles to our readers. One aspect I didn’t quite enjoy much though was how best to get people to know about us and to get them to come back for more.

I think they call that aspect selling, or maybe advertising. The point being that I wasn’t very good at pitching the ideas of what we were trying to accomplish to others. I was necessarily too concerned about bothering them with ‘our business’ and so you see, one of the major reasons our little group fell apart barely two years after placing third in an organized “best sports blog in Nigeria” thing was our collective reluctance to keep up with finding novel ways to arouse the interest of potential readers into pitching their tents with us.

Here’s the catch; whatever you do, whatever your involvement, you have to find a good and creative way to progressively get people to know about it. People afterall patronize you, stones do not.

Well, either you’re magnificently proficient in the art of selling, or your product or service sells itself. Any one will do.

So, go ahead, announce yourself; not as king of some middle earth kingdom, but as one who has something to offer, and is bold enough to subject himself to the scrutiny of the teeming public.

Never stop starting something.

Hearty cheers to the 30 days ahead.

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