Must there always be a Victor and Vanquished in everyday dialogue?

Keep mute for just a whole day while amidst a respectable number of people.

You’ll find that the itch in your throat to eject words is substantial.

Because as you imagine, they’ll have loads to say through the course of the day.

Man has been designed to dialogue, to connect.

In the sea of dialogue, there’ll probably be disagreements, which if not well managed morphs into discord.

You see, the discord that arises in dialogue mostly is due to the desire to “win”.

Win as per ‘my point is the only correct one.

And so you find that a good number of people acquire knowledge and find a way to stir up conversations just for the purpose of receiving validation for their prowess, not necessarily to artfully change an opinion or orientation.

But it doesn’t have to be a case of wins and losses. Sometimes, all you need is to listen, offer your two cents, learn or unlearn, supply insight or be schooled.

Winning – as it were – in most dialogues is highly overrated.

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