Isn’t regimenting only for Soldiers?

I once heard about a lady who desired to keep fit and have a blithe body. She consumed so much junk, ate in between meals, didn’t exercise at all and in the end became the symbol of fitness.

I heard of a guy who desired to maximize each day. He slept for 10 hours every night, watched two good movies upon waking up everyday, took a two hour siesta after, surfed the internet and ‘briefly checked‘ the highlights of all social media he was part of for about 4 hours, then read a bit before twilight and the need to sleep again. His days were well accounted for.

There was also one who desired to become a meaningful writer. He didn’t like to read, he kept no journals, scribbled nothing, never studied the work of people he hoped to emulate in writing, wrote one page of balderdash every six months. In the end, he became a famous writer.

I shall not forget to tell of the fellow who purposed in his heart to become a great scholar. He went to school, joined one club after the other, extra curricular activities became his main activities, past times his favorite endeavors, failed to attend classes nor study the work of people who had gone ahead to make a name for themselves in his field. In the fullness of time, he became an outstanding scholar.

My mind is littered with examples of such folks. The only problem is that you don’t believe me. You think nobody could be as ill disciplined as the aforementioned ‘heroes‘ and make it big. You believe those fellows only ever existed in my mind. You are so full of yourself for doubting me, but you are absolutely correct for doing so. Even luck couldn’t have made those guys great if they existed. The best that could have happened to them is for them to have happened upon some windfall of finances and have lots to spend; wealthy but by no means the person(s) they desired to become.

There’s no mastery without discipline, no real achievement without proper regimenting.

As such:

The guy who needs to maximize the day will probably wake up so early, take measures such as sitting on the edge of the bath tub to study in the case that his eyes grow weary.

The one who craves bodily fitness will workout more, have a healthy diet and engage in healthy practices.

The one who intends to write bodies of text that are of any relevance will read and write and read and write some more, every other day till he becomes the masterpiece.

The fellow that is mindful of getting to the peak of her career will research exhaustively all there is to her field, study the paths the icons in her field trailed and strive to emulate the excellent practices that got them there.

In the final analysis, there’s not a worthy achievement nor an enviable attainment made possible without a mindful regiment.

Regiment (verb) – To systemize or put in a strict order.

Regiment (noun) – Influence or control exercised by someone or something.

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