Follow Me To The Toilet

Sometime when I was young, my father went to work in another city, my sister had gone off to boarding school, my mother sometimes came home late after going to work and heading to some meetings thereafter.

On those days, I’d be home alone with my brother. We’d watch our black-and-white TV, and after a while, he’d zoom off to slumberland (the easy sleeper that he was), and so I’d be left all alone, feeling sorry for myself, sometimes crying in my loneliness. The worst part of those episodes was when I needed to go to the toilet. I had a mental default setting that some shadows out of the dark would be out to get me, so I’d try to wake my brother to see me off/escort me/follow me to the toilet, but he was always a difficult one to be budged.

As I grew older, the idea stayed in my mind that some of my experiences were peculiar to me alone. I didn’t really consider the fact that people I know or don’t know go through exactly similar situations that I go through daily, hence, I thought my failings as well as successes were infinitely unique. How wrong I was.

It wasn’t until after school that everyone made a bid to start life (as it were), pick one job or the other here and there and be faced with the reality that the pages of school notes bore only an infinitesimal relevance to the real thing, start graduate school and so on did I realize that most of us struggle with inadequacies initially, battle with life’s banality occasionally, come face-to-face with our fears every now and then and endure extraneous experiences from day to day.

What keeps most people in their bubble of victimhood and their tortured cycle of unfulfillment and unhappiness is their misplaced idea(s) that they’re the only ones that have things not so rosy. And so they find it hard to live through the hitches and hiccups and come out better.

You are not alone!

In all that happens to you, in all your endeavors, in all hurrahs and ahas, always remember that you’re not alone, at least not like I was when I dreaded the monsters that’ll troop out of the shadows to hurt me when I still was young.

I wish you all you wish yourself this week. πŸ™‚


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2 responses to “Follow Me To The Toilet

  1. P...

    looool… ‘Follow me to the toilet’, you don win bro πŸ˜€
    That expression def rings a bell!


  2. Too much grammar!
    *rolls eyes*
    *unlooks the jonah in the post*


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