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Every Other Thing Is Noise

The green eyed monster was my buddy for a couple of years

We used to speak in hushed whispers mostly.

I often had to restrain him from using his pick axe to decapitate our mutual enemies.

Said enemies are computer programmers.

Those guys that type a bunch of nothing into nothingness and make magic.

I didn’t like them because I didn’t know their magic.

The thick voodoo they did with just a few lines of code


That was years ago.

These days, I couldn’t care less.

The green eyed monster is long gone.

I love the idea of programming

And someday I hope I can be proficient in one of them computer languages.

Then I’d communicate with someone who knows what I know.

And the lot of you will stare on cluelessly.

Same way people are impressed when myself and my friend Dolapo discourse in half-baked french so confidently.

While some are impressed, some hate on us.

I understand their plight since I’ve been in their shoes; once a close buddy to the green eyed monster.

Little do these haters know that their individual abilities challenge me:

One of them can commit anything to memory in no time.

Another can sing ever so beautifully.

One of them can move any crowd with his words and presence.

Another plays the violin; an instrument I love but haven’t ever had the guts to try hands on to learn.


Over the past week, out of the pages of books, out of the lives of doers, out of nothing, I’ve gotten the message loud and clear;


In essence, capitalize on your strengths, avoid getting in over your head in areas you’re weak at/in.

Don’t spend time worrying over areas some people shine at, disciplines you’re not built for by interest or skill.

I’ve drawn a perimeter around my circle of competence and knowledge and I’d only extend said perimeter when I’m satisfied with what I’ve achieved with what I know.

Life is too short and too beautiful to be anyone else but yourself.


Me and the green eyed monster are sworn foes

I sit in silence and refuse to listen to his chatter

I sit in silence and appreciate the adroitness of skilled programmers

I sit in silence and do my thing

This has been the secret to my eureka moments, my success stories.

In the end, every other thing is noise.

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