Faffers, Laxers and Flexers.

Faffers vacillate; they mess around with stuff a lot.

Laxers are limp; they are laid back mostly, way too negligent.

Flexers loosen up a lot; they bask in the comfort of pleasure.

A Faffer isn’t likely to spur you to meaningful action on anything. Your interactions with him will most likely be typified by how things aren’t to be taken too seriously.

A Laxer isn’t likely to challenge you as well. He’ll most likely make you see why you should ‘chill’ more often. He’d be cool with living a very basic life devoid of much grit as well.

A Flexer will have you believe life is blimey and to be enjoyed at ‘every given opportunity’. Most likely, he won’t be one to instill in you the importance of hard or smart work.

Laziness, slackness and indulgence aren’t desirable traits by any standard. The age that we’re in doesn’t give room for relevance or respect to anyone who is well noted for being a Faffer, a Laxer or an out-and-out Flexer.

Take time to joke but not so much to faff around consistently.

Sometimes slow down but not to the point of retardation.

Enjoy yourself but not to the extent that pleasure becomes a lifestyle.

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