Your Bra Strap Is Sticking Out

Without batting an eyelid, I’d tell a guy his singlet strap has become peeping tom. Sometimes, I’d go the extra mile to help him adjust his shirt. He’s a guy afterall, and I’m a guy. Shouldn’t come off as being inappropriate (most times).

When it’s a lady though, unless I’m an exceptionally close buddy with her, I’d probably not say a word, I’d hope she finds out somehow and makes the necessary adjustment. Yet, I find it somewhat irritating that anyone’s inner wear should be somewhat exposed.

Here’s the bottom line: it’s most probably quite easy to tell a friend or someone who has a track record of being objective about alterations they need to make to better their lot. How about the stranger or mere contemporary? How do you tell them;

“Your bra strap is sticking out?”

Figuratively speaking of course.

That’s one task for you to ponder upon; how do you teach a man without making it mighty obvious you’re teaching him?

How do you say unpalatable (but necessary) truths without burning bridges?

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