Which Chess Piece Is The Most Important?

Naturally, you’d like to believe the King is the most important piece in chess. Afterall, the objective of the game is to render the opposition king immobile on the next move, a situation referred to as a checkmate (in case you’re not familiar with chess).

I like the Queen best, as do several other avid chess players. Her strength lies in her reach and abilities. You wouldn’t want to be queenless when your opponent has his queen intact.

There’s the Rook (Castle); its vertical and horizontal zipping motion coming in handy for annihilative purposes.

Then the Bishop and the Knight. The former diagonally ruthless, the latter grossly unpredictable in terms of the space it could occupy at any given point.

People are like chess pieces. You can’t treat them all equally. You have to be able to decide the idiosyncrasies of any one of them to decide with what priority to relate with them. This is reality.

The importance of any chess piece to you at any given time and in any given situation determines what you do with it.

Proverbially speaking, your life is like a game of chess. The most important thing being to prevent the King (You) from stagnancy or ineffectiveness. Every other thing in between start and finish depends on relationships with people and how well you’re able to handle them, even the pawns; the ones that ‘seemingly’ have no real importance in the grand scheme of things.

Knight to C3. Your move…

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