Did You Die?

Someone ruffled your feathers, got you riled up and refused to own up to how he was wrong. Did you die?

Your colleague is simply annoying, he does all the wrong things, has to be told everytime what is appropriate or not. Did you die?

Something you’ve worked your hat off for finally didn’t fall in place, now you have to start all over again. Did you die?

As long as there’s a chance to start again, there’s no real point to dwelling in the quagmire of what could have been or what is not.

Pick yourself up, dust off the debris and go again.


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3 responses to “Did You Die?

  1. Pel

    lool, “did you die”


  2. IbukunOluwa

    O ku mehn…..lol…whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger


  3. SissyFadase

    i stay inspiring you…


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