The Size Of The Audience

Everyone wants their art to connect with a good number of people. Their art of course being the thing they’re excellent at.

Everyone wants to be patronized by a sizeable clientele. The clientele of course being the set of people they wish to supply value to with their services.

The reality facing us is that when we just start sharing our art, we have to be content with the little number of people it resonates with. We have to deliberately ‘groom’ them to understand and love our art. Only then can they be willing to tell our stories without us naggingly prodding them.

At inception, the size of the audience isn’t the real challenge. The real challenge is creating art that is of any value.


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2 responses to “The Size Of The Audience

  1. Olu

    The quality of the art should be more important than the number of audience

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  2. Pelumi

    Well said bro, the fact that this resonates across several fields makes it all the more awesome!

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