I know a guy

Who is everything, and yet nothing,

At least as far as I am concerned.

Well, this is what I mean:

To make his point in any discussion

Especially when his position is falling apart

He chips in how he’s a trained Educator or Psychologist

Or ‘Child teacher’, or Musician, or Statistician, or Grammarian.

Yet, his arguments are usually very watery and nonsensical at best,

Even in areas he claims proficiency in.

I know you know a guy too

Maybe we know the same guy

Maybe we know different guys

Whatever the case, the guy I know is a mouthy Jack of all trades but master of none

Better to know or be one thing of worth than boastfully claim to know or be many things and yet amount to nothing.

The age long proverb yet holds true:

Empty barrels make the loudest noise.

Anyway, after several grueling sessions, I succeeded in putting the guy I know in his place

He’s much more reserved and calculated in his propositions and opinions these days

At least whenever I’m present.

He’s now my guy.

I’ll have my guy call your guy

To begin his education

On how to find even if just a few things he can be good at

Instead of persisting in the habit of glorifying himself on an empty brain.

Have a solid day!

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