Let’s write this proposal once and for all

Let’s give her a stern warning once and for all

Let’s do this course once and for all

Let’s buy that item once and for all

The problem with ‘once and for all’ is that we can’t decide finality in the moment for sure

What if the market condition changes and renders our proposal obsolete?

What if she makes the same mistake but turns it around to bring in a commercial windfall?

What if progress in the course is halted midway due to a more pressing involvement?

What if the item inexplicably fails and refuses repair?

Wouldn’t we be better off resolving to simply “do it”, no decisive conditions attached?

Removing the “once and for all” tag minimizes the unnecessary pressure we put ourselves under and makes us able to perform tasks with more expression and freedom.

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One response to “ONCE AND FOR ALL

  1. SATOPE Paul Oladeji

    Well, It’s a list of what ifs, and what ifs is often the cause of idleness the resultant effect of which is failure. sometimes we just gotta kill the doubt once and for all. and once and for all doesnt necessarily mean we expect all things to go well, it only means we are pushed enough to wanna end the lengthy days of thought over the same matter. Once and for all are often a signal to frustrations…….often……..and so we gotta keep killing it once and for all so that we never get weighed down by so many thought.


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