For A Majority of ONE

Over the last couple of years, I’ve listened to people profess their dislike for motivational talks and speakers and the ilk. The major reason they give for their dislike being that these talks and books mostly provide only ‘temporary charging up’ and are sometimes relatively impractical or too idealistic. Well, I can’t argue too much about that. As long as the loather of external motivation finds a way to keep himself motivated, he can choose to abhor any motivational tool he chooses to abhor.

What I don’t quite understand though is that for a gradually increasing subset of the ‘loathing sect’ spoken of above, reading altogether (be it motivational or educational or informative…) has become an antipathy. A couple of days ago, I heard someone say: “Why should I be reading a book in which someone expects his experience or findings to be binding on me?” I paused for a moment to let that sink in. The only problem was that it couldn’t sink in. The world in which we live in afterall is a product of thoughts and experiments and postulations and submissions of those that have before us gone.

I once read a quote: “The only thing worse than not reading a book in the last thirty days is not reading a book in the last thirty days and feeling good about it.” I think I quite agree. Books afterall show us explicitly what our minds before haven’t happened upon, what we have thought of but haven’t quite grasped/understood, what has before occurred and a projection of what is to come.

In truth, not all books are beneficial to all persons, but many books are of importance to many people. Sometimes, the message in a piece of writing might be for just a majority of one (1), not necessary for a multitude. And so, it behooves on the reader to be intentional in her selection of texts, excerpts and literature to consume for personal instruction as well as public benefit.

Perhaps today you could in your curiosity stumble upon that book/text/writing (which could radically transform your world) that was written for a majority of 1, that majority being you!

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