Curiosity In A World Of Frustrated Wonderment

Curiosity is the mother of invention

And so we opine that he who intends to be a force of nature must have a curious mind

But we find that the curious spirit is not necessarily innate

More often than not, it is birthed when one gets stuck in a world of little or no opportunities

Suffice to say, curiosity begins in a world of frustrated wonderment!

It can likewise be caught by hanging out and affiliating with passionately curious people.

Once curiosity is caught, it is hard (if not impossible) to shake off.

Bo Peabody said: “The best way to ensure that lucky things happen is to make sure a lot of things happen.”

His words give flesh to the floating idea that developing an inquisition about a lot of things ensures that you find at least one thing that counts for something in the long run.

In your courting though, ensure you court GOOD RANDOMNESS, not plain silly stuff.

Curiosity breeds serendipity

Serendipity involves being alert to potential opportunity and acting on it

There’s no final solution to anything.

Think again, you’ll find a question in your answer

And if you’re always having questions, it means your mind is always alert

A bored mind is a docile mind

There are not many things as bad as having a mind chained in docility

Of what use afterall is a mind that doesn’t explore beyond its spatial or opportunistic limitations?

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