Where the magic really happens

Long ago in the days of racial inequality in the United States of America as depicted in the timeless movie, The Great Debaters, 14 years old James Farmer Jnr finally had it to his neck and demanded for a chance to debate from his teacher, Mr Tolson.

Even as young as he was, James Farmer loved Miss Samantha Booke (a regular debater) and that was enough to sustain him on the sidelines as a mere substitute debater. The moment he found that the girl his soul was knit to became intimate with another debater on the team (Henry Lowe), the circuits in his head tripped and he was no longer content with watching on.

I remember the scene in which he voiced out his discontent and express wishes with great animation. His face was transformed to that of a man with a renewed sense of purpose.
Needless to say, one thing led to another and finally, he got his chance. The rest is history; He went on to become the founder of the congress of racial equality and a leading voice in civil rights movements.

You see, all James required to spur him into action and subsequent stardom was finding himself in a ‘spot’ he was no longer comfortable with. I mean, all along, he had been content with being on the sidelines, simply close to the one he loved by virtue of being on the same debating team. But then, as soon as his chances evaporated, he jerked himself to reality and made something meaningful of himself.

Sometimes, the allure of something we can’t have by virtue of being so close to it prevents our hands and minds from fashioning any worthwhile accomplishment/endeavor.

Sometimes, the atmosphere of comfort we have been raised in and so used to blocks our minds from making ingenious conceptions and sensible perceptions.

Sometimes, all we need is the illusory pocket of ‘treasures’ disappearing before our very eyes, showing us
the factual ‘sorryness’ of our state(s) and by so doing jerking us to the point we dive into action.

I don’t know about you, but for me, I wish this week that one card will topple over another, and then another, setting a domino effect into motion that springs me out of my ‘comfort zone’ to where the magic really happens.

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  1. dipokelani

    Awesome. You just subbed me greatly. More ink 😉


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