Conversation Is An Art

Conversation is an ART.

Its intricacies extend beyond any facial expression or verbal construction.

Therefore, an always-smiling folk isn’t necessarily a good conversationalist.

Neither is a folkress that spews many words essentially a good communicator.

Man is made to thrive on relations and interactions

And so the one with a well developed conversational sense basically finds people easy to deal with.

Expressions – written or acted – go a long way in individual interpretation of speech in context or demeanor in comportment.

Which is why a churlish mien or demeaning phrase earns one no plaudits

I’ve found that even before the full dose of your character/personality is ‘prescribed’ to the observer, capsule(s) of your communication power help(s) him in making a decision if you’re worth his time or attention.

Mostly, a bridge you’ve burnt by virtue of rash or lifeless dialogue cannot light the way for further fraternization.

The conversation debacle is of higher importance – I propose – in opposite sex affairs than same sex

I believe this is due to the fact that the male and female sects speak essentially different ‘languages’.

For example, virtually all the ladies I’ve warmed up to are those that know how to initiate or maintain captivating dialogue or both.

There are always stuff to converse about; small or serious talk, ways to make jocular pokes without being irritating or offensive, there’s an intense understanding of moods and how to work around them for yet effective tete-a-tetes despite such moods, and so on.

Most of the people I find easy to flow with I find are readers, maybe sometimes ‘watchers’ (by watchers, I mean those that have taken it upon themselves to study effective conversations of others, or sometimes those that watch a sizeable chunk of movies).

And so it’s safe to say conversation, as much as it is an art is also a SKILL that can be learnt and perfected.

Perhaps today, you could watch out for the effect(s) of your words, countenance and deeds on those around you and see if need be to fine tune some aspect of yourself to be a more interesting and effective person.

For what indeed is life without the feeling of respect or acceptance by/from others in the place of dialogue?

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