Phew! It’s been more than a couple of months I last wrote any blog.

A lot has happened between the times of my last post and now, chief of which is the commencement of my postgraduate studies in an area I’m almost alien to.

In that time I’ve toiled over Frobenius, Legendre and more complex mathematical computations.

I’ve been up and down seeing and learning new stuff.

How shall I fail to mention the pneumonia attack that plagued me for a few weeks in September? That was a dark time. Felt my heart was ‘gon burst out of my chest.

But I promise you, I haven’t been as busy as I would have you believe.

As a matter of fact, I fail to believe anyone is too busy to attend to stuff that matter to him.

And I must say, scribbling my thoughts and ideas for the consumption of others is more than a big deal for me.

Well, the crux of the matter is that today I’m here, and I make bold to say the proverbial ‘ink’ flows freely from here on.

I’ve found that many talkers fail to make a solid distinction between skill and talent.

They fail to make it clear that talent is innate and skill is mostly acquired

A host of people suggest skill and talent are synonyms; one of the same kind.

Talent is inborn; natural ability and technical know-how

Skill is gotten; acquired ability and technical know-how

It’s saddening that the place of skill has been relegated to the hind

For skill is the display of excellent ability by virtue of incessant practice.

A skill is no certificate, but a problem solving tool

A skill is an empowerment that provides you with an advantage.

A skill is procured when knowledge meets practice

And so any opportunity to use what you’ve learnt is always welcome,

Even if sometimes it means being ‘used’ by those you answer to, even those you don’t have to answer to.

Many a talented person never makes much of his life because of the failure to recognize, appreciate and develop a skill (just one) to make a difference.

There’s one who himself calls a driver who rarely ever drives.

One who calls himself a writer but never scribbles.

There’s one who believes he possesses strong ‘impartative’ abilities but never teaches

There’s one who is only a great cook by word of mouth.

There’s the illusory chess master, the pretentious salesman, the always idle worker, the indolent student (which may be the “master’s” student with no actual mastery in view).

History and the present day is littered with mouthy ‘vacuums’

People who never commit themselves to developing a skill in anything,

People who through life pass, taking a seat by the ‘fireplace,’

those who are content with little things.

The only way to really make a difference or to add value is by showcasing your unique skill in the ‘marketplace’.

Today presents another opportunity to begin/continue work on yourself in putting your knowledge to practice, developing meaningful skillfulness/skill(s) in the process.

For in the end, of what use is a life that offers no value?



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  1. dipokelani

    Keep subbing you hear! Nice one!


  2. IbukunOluwanimunilalaifilaalakun



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