What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?

Lucas’ mother, Karen travelled to Italy for a few weeks to take a catering course. While she was away, Lucas, under the supervision of His uncle, Keith, stayed out late at night often, got a large tattoo on his upper right arm (an action his mother wouldn’t have approved of), got drunk once or twice and generally became a little bit loud, defensive and aggressive. One day Keith simply looked him in the eye and said:

You might wanna take a long hard look in the mirror and see if the person looking back at you is the kind of person you want to be.

I doubt the mirror Keith was referring to was the physical, shiny, glassy surface we all are used to calling mirrors. It seems to me that Keith simply wanted his nephew to make a careful assessment of the effects of his recent actions in the eyes of others. He wanted Lucas to judge for himself if the person he was becoming could be regarded as a responsible person in the eyes of those around him.

Today, we’re all faced with the most potent mirror ever; the thousands of pairs of eyes we encounter at home, on the streets, around every corner, in our offices and even in transit every day. Every single decision of ours resulting in either a mindless or deliberate action is always placed under severe scrutiny by those we see around us on a daily basis.

Some people believe that how they see themselves is all that matters. But really, we have to realize that the effect our actions have on others goes a long way in determining what is projected in the ‘mirror’.

The positive or negative attitudes you portray are used by people as tools in deciding the kind of person they see you as, and in the end, through their eyes (their disposition towards you), you can tell what kind of person they think you to be.


I like the effect of the cylindrical block above. It goes to show that you are always going to be examined from different angles, and whatever anyone sees projected on the wall as he/she beams his light on you (the block) is what he/she thinks of you.

It implies that it is well possible to mask a part of yourself from people, only presenting to them what you want them to see about you.

If that works for you, FINE! Always remember though that you can hide from a million external mirrors, but you can never hide from a single internal one.

You are what you are, and that is all you are. There is no hiding from yourself.

You have a choice, either you keep doing all you’ve been doing, or you change some part(s) of you that might come off as undesirable as far as others are concerned.

Whatever you decide, a million eyes are always watching you.

In the end, it’s all about you. It was never about them.

Bonne weekend!

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