My School Days – A flash from my yesterdays

Heyyyyyyy guys! Top of the hour!

What’s there to talk about today?

Let’s start with two episodes that happened to me back in Secondary school:

One night, me and three friends trudged along to see one random movie at the assembly hall (that was our standard ‘film show’ venue), Baracuda, I think was the title. I held the torchlight – my torchlight – loosely, leading the way since I had the sole source of illumination amongst us, swaying my hips rhythmically to some inaudible ‘jam’. I was in high spirits, perhaps as a result of getting double ration of our traditional meal of beans-and-yam that night. Oblivious of my surrounding, I swung the torch here and there carelessly, until a dude sporting a yellow hood snatched it from behind me. In my mind, he must have crept up close to ensure a smooth execution of his task so I felt it had to be someone very familiar. When he kept running even as I kept moaning “Behave yourself naa”, it dawned on me that I had been robbed of my precious torchlight. Needless to say, it left a sore taste.

A few days after, I experienced my first fall-flat-on-the-ground-while-trying-to-sit.

Well, the concept is a lot simpler than the compound hyphenated phrase above makes it look… Bottom line is I got to my class, put my books on my desk, balanced well, and realized I kept falling freely till I hit the floor and my white trousers got all stained in the arse. I looked around and everyone was laughing. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself also. The chair had been pulled out from underneath me the very moment I was to hit the seat.

Those two incidences set the tone for my expression of caution till date. I literally look “over my shoulders” whenever I need to do anything, cos you never know who you can’t trust.

Okay, I know I said two, but here’s a third:

I’ve always had a reputation for an aversion for/of (grammar?) examination malpractice of any form, and as you would expect, a good number of my classmates were repulsed at my “unwillingness to be helpful in dire conditions”, and so I wasn’t surprised that I was hardly shown any reasonable sympathy when wrongly accused and punished by an overzealous teacher, Mr Aliyu, for the same offence in my penultimate year in Secondary School. To my colleagues, it was a case of “so what do you have to show for your ‘holier than thou’ resolve now?”

Then again, I almost pissed in my pants in my final year in the university during the final exam for one course, EEE 505 as failure stared me squarely in the face. Anyway, I had to ask a friend close by for help as I didn’t want to fail, but then, he couldn’t help much. Needless to say, I was ashamed after the exam that:

1. I broke my resolve. 2. I wasn’t well prepared and it put me in a difficult position.

Anyway, I learnt two things from those episodes.

    a. If you have principles (of any form) you hold dear, be ready to face criticism(s), especially in vulnerable moments. Also be ready to suffer even when you think you have done no wrong.
    b. If you know you want to show the world you have some strict principle/standard, always prepare yourself to be in the best position to uphold your code, else, you just suffer the ignominy of being a hypocrite, or on the other hand, you’ll be forced to ‘bow to Baal’ just to make headway in some respect.

Yah! That’s all I have in my arsenal for now. I’m outta here!

Carpe Diem!

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One response to “My School Days – A flash from my yesterdays

  1. Emmanuel

    Whilst I couldn’t imagine the scene in the first, I found the second hilarious, and the third hit me squarely in the face. Now that a few events have altered my own little world, needfully tested my resolve and I have needlessly broken them or compromised depending on who is to judge, I dare say I understand why my fav gospel band wrote the song “Jesus, Friend of Sinners”


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