In my experience, I’ve come to find that talk is cheap

An opinion, decision, or ambition is easy to conjure up and sputter out

But when it comes to execution, many a folk is found wanting.

You see, it isn’t enough to have clarity of purpose

Nor is it anywhere near sufficient to have an awesome dream.

It means nothing to having the principles of life flowing from your tongue

No one gives a hoot about who you say you are

All that matters is what you do.

What you do afterall – not what you think – is what you are

Know this for sure;

Actions prove who someone is. Words prove who they wanna be.

Dreams remain dreams, Decisions remain pointless

Resolutions stay fictitious as long as you keep waiting

There’s only one way you can make the world believe you desire what you say you desire

And this is by going after it one way or another.

So today, forget about running your mouth as regards what you “want to do” or who you “want to be”

Just do something.


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