Playing The Victim

“I reckon than man in any estate or station has the right to two choices; either he sits on his arse and play the victim, or he stand his ground and refuse to be trodden upon.”

– Oreoluwa Aboluwarin


It’s not uncommon to look for someone to blame every time we are faced with inconvenience of some sort. There’s always a ‘why’ as to why we failed at something, always an excuse why our best effort was not put forth in some endeavor.

It takes a conscious decision to see beyond the irritations and limitations people and circumstances dump on you by virtue of verbal, attitudinal and situational happenstances.

There’s the cultural, the religious, the academic, the positional and the statuary instances that might require you moaning and fixated on what you don’t have or what has been done to you, but when you learn to see beyond your prevailing circumstances, when you choose to believe you’re ALWAYS in control of what happens next, then you’re well on your ascension out of the hellish pit of victimhood.

Good old Brutus in the ancient Shakespearean tale of Julius Ceaser said:


“There’s a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood leads on to fortune.”


In the end, all you need do is ensure you’re well prepared when that particular tide that leads to fortune sweeps along, so you’ll ride the wave to greatness. As an alternative, you can choose to sit and wonder what might have been had ‘this or that’ not befallen you.

On a final note, acknowledging the importance/value of what we converse about and its effect on the mind, I leave you with this quote:


“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. “

– Eleanor Roosevelt


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