Hi guys!

It’s a beautiful Monday morning, and I hope it will indeed be a beautiful week, not like many other weeks gone by characterized by colossal shit!

The weekend certainly flew by, and I’m glad it did, not because there’s any big deal to look forward to in my office, but because it was a whole lot different from other weekends. Nothing spectacular, just plain different.

That said, today’s post will be quite short for two reasons; the first being that I’m a little dizzy as I type these lines, the second being that I’ve so far refused to ditch the sickening habit of refusing to write my blog for a day the day before. Well, I’m sure that will change soon.

So… yesterday, myself and my blog partner (a soccer blog) felt the backlash from a fan from abandoning our blog all these months. Apparently, if we had stuck in there, it was sure to be a hit at some point. I know this, he (my partner) knows this and so it is beffudling as to why we stopped blogging. Anyway, we resolved to start something soon, and keep at it this time. I’m telling you this so you’ll prepare to be one of our frequent readers (in the case that you love soccer, Manchester United and Arsenal most especially).

Another talking point over the weekend… I realized anew how good it is to have principles guiding your actions and life in general. If I didn’t have those principles, I’m sure I’d have done things I’d regret, or at least set things in motion, things which must not be mentioned here. Let me leave the details sketchy for now. Anyway, “you are who you are, and that is all you are. There is no hiding from that.

Finally, I got back my gusto for scrabble. My study guide goes everywhere with me these days. Doing the things I love and am good at gives me the highest degree of satisfaction. This agelong assertion gets ‘realer’ to me everyday. And so here is me charging you (like a broken record) “Work becomes play when you do the things you love.” P.S. – The Scrabble I play is professional scrabble, and hence, WORK, but of course ‘play’ also.

The post has been short enough as I promised I think?

Okay, let me not bore you further with my sometimes nerdy lifestyle…

Keep being positive, keep the fire burning within you aglow, do something for someone that can’t pay you back, read at least a book this week… Whatever you’ve long put off, just DO IT! Have a smashing week ahead.


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