#10 – Who you should be competing with

They say millions of sperm cells swim towards the egg and only one ends up fertilizing it.

It means the others are considered to be of naught importance.

Imagine before fertilization, the discrete, sperm cell heads could savagely struggle to get ahead

Imagine the lengths one will go to put all the others down.

From the moment of creation of a new life form, competition becomes an integral part of its life.

It strives to get by at all costs

“At all costs” implying that it’ll do what it takes no matter the havoc it costs to others around it.

And so for this reason, this attitude goes along with most of us through our lives

Doing whatever it takes to appear better than the next person.

The challenge with this is that we only ‘appear’ better, we are not actually better.

I say this because mostly, the focus is on the next fellow, and your thinking is based on his thinking, you want to beat his thinking perhaps by a little.

Of course you probably might do a bit better than him, but then you lose your ingenuity and creativity since all your moves are based on responses to his moves.

Like being the black in a game of chess, always a step behind, most likely on the defensive.

Then you also lose a part of yourself… Trying to make the person look bad and you look good.

In the end, the only person you should be in competition with is yourself

Striving to be better than you were yesterday is what I consider the only worthy cause.

Of course it’s always important to look around you, pick qualities you desire and do away with those you don’t from your contemporaries.

But never consider it a do or die affair between you and them.

I reckon your attitude towards people when you don’t always see them as the opposition will change for the better.

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