#9 – What if? What then?

He who pays the piper dictates the tune.

No guts, no glory

No scars, no stories.

If you don’t buy the ticket, you don’t win the lottery.

The only way to satisfy a fantasy is to live it.

Despite knowing these truths,

We often are plagued with questions:

  • What if my application is rejected?

    What if they refuse to listen to my explanation?

    What if my proposal is treated as dung?

    What if she says no?

    What if I’m not good enough?

    So, what if it doesn’t work out as you planned? What then?

    In the end, the greatest cause of drama in our lives is the WHAT IF.
    So perhaps you’d take a cue with me today and do that thing you’ve put off for so long.

    At least if nothing else, we’d know what can’t work and move on to some other worthy pursuit(s).

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