#7 – Pay attention before responding

More times than I can recall, I catch myself listening to respond instead of listening to understand.

I’m convinced I’m not alone in this as I see it around me everyday.

This habit, I reckon, ensures that learning becomes difficult

Difficult because the ideas behind certain concepts or reasoning are lost on us.

A typical example:

Someone says God said “Let there be light and there was light.”

I tell such a person that speech giving birth to light isn’t rational, all things being equal

Then he huffs and puffs, labels me an enemy of God because the harsh truth is that he cannot intelligently explain to me how speech can produce light ‘naturally’

Another person argues that masturbation is wrong because a lot of indulgers do it behind closed doors

Someone asks him if his parents copulate on the streets and he goes bonkers, injecting religious hostility into it

You see, until the approach we take to any situation becomes less passionate and more considerate, we will always fail to have water-tight arguments.

Listen and observe to understand before jumping the gun to have your two cents.

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