#6 – Your Word, Your Honor

I thought to let you know that my new found adrenaline–like induced excitement with outlandish science is enthralling.

The fact that one cannot see the end of the extensive corridor of inexplicable phenomena is likewise scintillating.

A couple of days ago, I heard about the possibility of the existence of a phenomenon called “Emotional Quantum Entanglement.”

It has to do with how the association of the emotional energy from two or more separate entities over proximal or vast spatial separation affects the environment in one way or the other.

In essence, thoughts from different individuals in different locations could mingle to produce results in one or more locales.

What is of utmost interest to me for the purpose of this commentary is the fact that there could be a relationship between my thought and yours despite our unconnectedness in any dimension.

However whimsical that sounds, you must agree it’s an interesting notion.

For this cause, I wasn’t surprised – as I thought and decided upon what to write today – stumbling upon the ideas of an entity related in some way to what I was thinking yesterday.

Communication is a vital ingredient of the human associative concoction

And when all the parties involved in any conversation have no vocal deficiencies, it’s very likely that worded communication will be employed.

Many words are spoken in many separate conversations everyday

As such, it is inevitable that words that edify and words that bring down likewise must be spoken.

Loose talk is commonplace and ruins otherwise blossoming relationships

Slander, misplaced sarcasm and any other speechifying malady you can think of.

An intense urge to always have a say, or a wise-ass attempt to spew something witty that ends up being bashful

How effective silence can be in ensuring that you don’t create irreparable chasms in your relationships

Afterall, it is not mandatory that your occasional folly, ignorance or insensitivity be laid bare as wares in the market for all to see.

It is fitting that I at this point quote the fellow I suggested our thoughts became entangled in the quantum jargon I spoke of earlier:

“Don’t join the premier league of those who say mean and hurtful things to others.”

You see, sometimes, what we know or what we think we know about people moves us to say unkind things to them or about them.

Some react immediately, some contort their faces to show disapproval, some others are simply silent.

The smiling, silent ones are the most dangerous. Their backlash could often be devastating

The strength of one with a wise head is self-restraint.

The whipping and lashing chastisement the tongue carries out is not always welcome by the recipient

Infact, more often than not, it creates enmity while you think you’ve “poured out your mind” or you simply considered what you might have said a joke.

The threshold for being ridiculed differs from person to person

Learn to trust people enough to fix themselves if you do not have subtle ways to prod them to change whatever you think needs fixing in them.

Many a man has been responsible for slanderously destroying another because of damaging information about that fellow he has relayed to yet another.

If you know yourself to be of a sharp or quick tongue, one who can’t ‘keep secrets’, it will do you a world of good not to go about gathering dirt on people with your antenna-like ears.

I have always thought of a man’s word as his greatest honor. If he fumbles with his word(s), he fumbles with everything.

To some, the honor with words might mean ‘keeping your words’. I propose that it could as well refer to a conscious effort to say honorable things every time.

Words hurt. And their vibrations keep resonating long after the ‘dust has settled’

While we’re at it, it must be said that the timing of speech has also been found to be very vital.

Learn to recognize slight nuances and let your dialogues be guided by critical observations of moods in every moment

A word fitly spoken in season is like an apple of gold in a silver saucer.

He who loves life and good days will keep his tongue from wanton converse.

Always remember that.

                Oreoluwa Aboluwarin

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One response to “#6 – Your Word, Your Honor

  1. Me


    I found myself nodding through it all. Through every line and word. How glassy words are– they allow transparency in conversations, yet can be the very thing to break relationships into scrappy bits! We must be careful; it’s difficult– because on some days, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t try enough. But the key word is “trying”, being “conscious and aware” enough to try– and strive to give people life through our words, the most we can.

    And this– “A word fitly spoken in season is like an apple of gold in a silver saucer”; this is my take-home.

    Thank you for baring your beautiful mind to us, and blessing us with the wisdom of your thoughts– always! ❤


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