#5 – You’re but a speck in the scheme of things.

Perhaps you know of an Hollywood actor called John Noble

He is famous for the likeable role of ‘Walter Bishop’ in the award winning TV series FRINGE

WB once suggested we as a people are too arrogant to think we are the first set of humans to inhabit the universe

Of course a strange case involving the probable existence of an earlier super civilization brought about his retort

He was somewhat mystified as to why the modern human fails to recognize and build upon the early sophisticated empires.

To him, we were engrossed in the delusion that everything we see is only just being created by us and us alone

And as such, we probably take too much on our plates, attending to roles that are not ours with an air of self importance.

While we could easily brush aside any notion of the first rotation of the earth being about 5 billion years ago,

One truth is clear:

Sometimes, we think too much of ourselves.

Individually I mean this time,

Lest we delve too deep into any elaborate pseudo scientific discuss.

Truth be told, I would love to give instances of the manifestation of the haughtiness I speak of

But words fail me where I need ‘em most

Hence, I reckon this quote by C.S. Lewis should do justice.

“One of the greatest joys of life is being used up for a purpose considered a mighty one, being a force of nature, instead of being a feverish, selfish individual complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.”

You see, sometimes, we focus on and moan too much about the things we don’t have and fail to work with what we have

We always want to create when sometimes all we need is to maintain or build upon.

And in our misery, we act as if we are the only ones a great injustice is being wrought upon by mother nature.

Consciously or inadvertently, we become self absorbed, a situation which well ensures we don’t make the best of ourselves.

If only we could learn to think more of ourselves as just part of the jigsaw in the order of things, perhaps we would consider our inadequacies and failings as part – and only a part – of a machine that needs oiling/fixing.

This machine is the world as we see it

So, next time you catch yourself thinking too much about you and you alone, tell yourself you’re just a pixel in the big picture

Yes, while being ‘just a pixel’, you could still play your part in ensuring the whole picture comes out perfectly well

Afterall, little drops of water make the mighty ocean they said.

Let your own role in the scheme of things be well attended to, and if Jane and Joe attend to theirs also, perhaps our world will be a better place to live in


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2 responses to “#5 – You’re but a speck in the scheme of things.

  1. Pelumi Aboluwarin

    we’re all just a tiny fraction of the ‘pale blue dot’…


  2. This calls to mind ‘Of a fraction of a Dot’ by Rhye.

    I love Walter Bishop! Great character! Great post!

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