#4 – Everyone’s a potential snitch

More than 2000 years ago, a master walked the earth

He was pretty much a controversial figure considering he said and did stuff that was against what was generally accepted as ‘normal’ back then.

By controversial, I mean His statements often bothered on the blasphemous, his deeds on the absurd and metaphysical.

Nonetheless, some adored his guts and abilities, some others hated his mettle and personality

Of those that adored him, some knew more about him than others, 12 of them to be precise

They referred to these twelve as his disciples

They moved with him, learnt from him, carried out his instructions and knew a whole lot about him

Much has been made about how one of them erred tremendously in betraying him. Judas I think he was called.

They said he betrayed him for money

While that may be true to a large extent, I can’t shake the feeling that somehow, this Judas probably didn’t believe this master was absolutely legit

So he made a choice, sold him to his foes

The other disciples are not excused in this matter

From all we have read and learnt, they betrayed him also

Afterall, none of them was there when he was beaten through the streets, carrying a wooden cross prior to crucifixion.

There is the general belief they simply were scared, or perhaps decided he wasn’t that special afterall

If he was as special as he claimed, he shouldn’t have been subject to the ridicule he was destined to suffer upon capture

He had wrought great things and all of a sudden he was taken easily from them and treated like a dog.

What were they to make of that?

I think it simply didn’t make any sense to them, despite the fact that he had often predicted his impending suffering and humiliation beforehand.

All in all, they were supposed to be his most trusted allies, but apparently, not all he said and did seemed to mean a thing when the moment of desperation came.

There you have it

One with fantastical abilities deserted in a moment of dire need

Shall we then say he didn’t properly communicate with his followers the necessity of his certain death?

I don’t think so.

Well, to me, his story shows that virtually all humans are capable of disloyalty

So when next you think your association with people is laced with absolute clarity,

When you decide that they understand you perfectly and as such should stand by you under any condition,

Remember that each man is living his own dream, and as such will most likely act in his own best interest

I’m not suggesting you live a life garnished with paranoia and suspicion

But then, it’ll serve you well to hope for the best but expect the worst from mortal men

I propose that this reduces disappointments in people and institutions

And of course, a fellow who doesn’t take disappointment at face value can take things less personally and have solid relationships with people.

People will always have ‘good reasons’ (in their mind’s eye) to sabotage you in one way or the other through the course of your life

At the end of the day when investigated properly, their reason(s) will boil down to self-preservation or face saving.

In the end, life is per head.


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