#3 – You don’t HAVE to follow ALL rules; you NEED to abide by SOME rules.

Yesterday I saw a tweet. It read as follows:

“Turning your good practices into a religion is dumb. Rejecting good practices because some people turn them into a religion is dumb.”

Apart from the idea of what ‘religion’ means in context above, the converse nature of the said tweet is also of interest to me.

We know religion to mean a system of beliefs

Beliefs that guide followers of any religion. Beliefs that are binding on them.

They fail to follow those beliefs, they are said to have erred or sinned.

The number of religions existing in the world today is countless

And inevitably, the rules that form the pillars of those religions are incredibly plenteous also.

Good practices it must be said are what they are; GOOD PRACTICES

They aren’t necessarily the things that qualify us as faithful religionists

And so anyone who believes he is religious because he believes or exhibits some virtues that obviously were integrated into his religion (not necessarily birthed by his religion) is said to be dumb.

I think I quite agree

However, some people shun good qualities because they think others have overemphasized and probably spiritualized them

This is a dumb idea also.

What then is not dumb?

Let’s not limit ourselves to religion, let’s consider rules in general

We will always be guided by rules. Whether we be agnostic or fetish or ardent believers in anything.

You may adopt lay down rules, you may form your own rules. The point is rules will be a part of you.

The irony when you decide to ‘break all the rules’ is that you are inadvertently following a rule, probably your only rule. This rule will perhaps read ‘break all the rules.’

Often, I come across critics and skeptics who fault those that write stuff such as ’10 ways to be positive’, ‘7 principles to wealth’, ‘3 key relationship issues’ and so on.

Their argument is ‘Who made them an authority on this subject or that?’

Well, in the real sense of it, nobody is an absolute authority on anything, at least that’s what I think.

Yet, people have experiences, some have insightful contributions and some have heard stuff that has proved vital to their approach to life.

Hence, they lay their submissions at our feet. They do not necessarily force those submissions down our throats.

The choice to decide what concept hooks our attention totally lies with us.

And so in the end, it can be said that we are the ones that decide ourselves the rules we live by.

In the end, people are always going to make suggestions, boldly declare opinions and powerfully assert their findings.

You don’t have to accept everything they say, you need to consider some things they say though and from there coin your guiding principles.

There’s no point being rebellious because you think some person(s) believes t(he)y is/are intelligent and so make their claims.

Always remember that the power lies with you to decide what you want to accept.

And just as we said yesterday, you don’t need to take anything personal. Their thoughts/beliefs/declarations only
have something to do with their own ‘dream of the world’

It is folly to refuse to abide by any rule because the idea of creating rules pisses you off.

If you forget everything, always remember that please.

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