#1 – My 30 days challenge

Everyone has a story. It is the story each individual has to share or more appropriately live out that contributes to the entirety of life as we know it. It is for this reason that I created this blog, to share my story; the world through my eyes, the things that motivate me, the things I think and do, the few things I think I understand about the way the world works.

And so over the past weeks I’ve been sharing my ideas on human motivation and self mastery, until a break almost two weeks ago now. This break was mainly because I needed to write about something else, something I hadn’t decided on.

Nothing is more important to a man than clarity. Clarity ensures you have your eyes on the prize once there is no doubt within you that you’re on the path to doing what you must.
Over the next 30 days – to start with – I’d be writing on anything human relationships and associations. I don’t know of any topic that could be broader. Virtues, idiosyncrasies, crisis, innovations and a host of others take their roots from our associations. And so that’s what I aim to explore and exploit; telling multiple single stories. Sometimes seemingly abstract, other times awesomely concrete.

Well, my motivation comes from the daily writings on inspiration by a friend of a friend. In his dose yesterday, one particular point struck me, and I realized I’ve long been guilty of trying to overly analyze the important aspects of what I want to do before brainstorming. As such, I’ve decided to start on what I’ve already brainstormed about, and then analyze to fit the pieces together along the way.

See you on the morrow. 

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