Faith or Delusion?

There’s a difference between faith and delusion.

Faith on one hand has to do with a realization of your situation, a refusal to let your limitation affect your action, a deliberate decision to believe in the best possible outcome and a strong will to channel your efforts in that direction.

Delusion on the other hand is self deception, bothering on a disregard of prevailing conditions, accompanied with empty proclamations, and devoid of a resolution to take calculated action.

Well, I should have said there’s a slight difference.

And the fine margin in the distinction of ‘em both ensures that Delusion – being the negative twin – has more disciples than faith.

A deluded fellow never really does what is necessary to move from where he is to where he desires to be. He has an idea of where he desires to be but is never realistic enough to accept his present level and do the necessary to move to the next level.

Let’s just say delusion is the major reason for stagnancy as far as most people are concerned.

The moment you can make a proper and realistic assessment of all that concerns you, the easier it gets to start taking constructive steps towards your overall transformation.

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One response to “Faith or Delusion?

  1. Satope Paul

    Delusion or Faith is there a real difference?, In the larger christian community, I’d say there is none……….A community where someone keeps praying for God to remember him and send him what he has not worked for? is that faith or delusion?…….People are less concerned about what they’d have to do to change their circumstance, they just what God to do every thing………Oh…..they’d forgotten He said “It is finished”……..Preach it to every one that faith doesn’t mean you must be deluded it just means you believe God to supply the catalyst to propel the reaction while you mix up the reagents of an irreversible reaction. Life is a mixture…….the reagents are yours to mix but the catalyst is supplied by from the spiritual…….who rules your life supplies the catalyst but it does mean you must move to mix the reagents before the reaction can go through…….Always remember Newtons third law of motion……”For every reaction, there must be an equal and opposite reaction”………Don’t be deluded………just have faith


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