Application over Accumulation

Devour the information contained in a meaningful number of Books, journals, newspapers, novels, web pages, bill boards, flashcards… and you discover everything that happens around you will seem to simply give credence to what you’ve known before.

Sharing what you’ve read with those who’ll rather not read is a noble cause, and most times, it gives you a sense of fulfillment; being the channel for the transfer of profound truths and facts.

More important though is being practical with whatever you read.

It’s not all about knowing concepts and ideas. Application of knowledge is the only way to make what you’ve learnt be of any importance. So maybe today or sometime, you might want to slow down on accumulation of theoretical fragments and try to ship out something.

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One response to “Application over Accumulation

  1. paul

    By ‘shipping out’ we not only get fulfilled, we get to live a life of influence, a life that afford us a chance to raise our heads high in the society. Such life obeys the second law of motion as stated by Newton, “a body will remain in its state of rest or of uniform motion unless acted upon by a force”. By that I mean that the driving force for such life of influence is within and not without. We are self motivated from within to do more and not just do more but be the best at what we do


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