Yesterday, I read an article by Pedro, a top arsenal football club blogger. The article was mostly about his disillusionment with Arsene Wenger. I won’t go into details though. Here’s the portion of interest to me:


…the manager needs to take a back seat. He needs to understand that he can’t be chief scout, financial director, 1st team coach, tactician and the fitness coach. If you can’t be the best, build the best around you. Feed off their enthusiasm. F**k it, learn something. I’m 29, I work in social marketing(3 years ago), when I started, I did everything(insights, content, community, outreach, planning)… now I do nothing. I have a team of people that wipe the floor with me, all working as specialists within the aforementioned disciplines. I remember the days where you did it all. Now, I’m a relic, thriving off the talent that works for me… empower talent and you’ll reap the rewards.


Sometimes, we realize that we’re unable to carry out tasks we want to. On occasion, we owe it to being unskilled in some respect, other times it’s because the time to do all we want simply isn’t enough. And we fail incessantly either because we’re blind to the fact that we could enlist the services of others or because we’re just plain arrogant, puffed up with some sense of self importance that tells us ‘I will do it all’.

A shrewd manager and more generally a sensible person will be open to delegating duties. To be effective at what we do, it’s necessary to have a good sense of when to do things ourselves, or when to find people who are better equipped at doing them. It’s that simple. Even when you believe you’re multi-talented, I think you still need to utilize your strength(s) for what will give the highest output and learn to find capable hands to do other tasks that fall in your jurisdiction.

It’s leveraging. The word ‘Leveraging’ is developed from the word ‘lever’. A lever is basically a machine that could serve as a prop/treadle/control to make lifting easier. You see, proper leveraging ensures you function optimally like a well oiled machine.


Pedro has it summed up: ‘Empower talent and you’ll reap the rewards.’


Hey, delegating duties often requires that you pay for the services of those you enlist. Before you decide not to spend ‘extra money’, consider this: Will you rather spend money to save time or spend time to save money?

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  1. paul

    It is important that we learn to optimize both money and time………..resource management does not only mean spending one to save another……..it means a safe combination of both factors to achieve the best resources……….in life we must understand that delegating duties must also be inter managed with our personal effort to push for the best possible……..life is a mix and we must learn to spice it up with varied mixture of every factor……..how best we arrive at the perfect mixture is how fast we can arrive at success


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